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COVID-19 & Reopening

Will you be offering workshops in 2020?

YES!  We are opening for workshops in August and planning for workshops in September and October. Detailed information about what we are doing to make it safe to attend a Snow Farm workshop is available on our COVID-19 Updates page. We all know that things can change quickly, so please check back often.  You can also sign up for our newsletter to make sure you never miss a message from us. 

Will you have the Seconds Sale in 2020?

YES!  We are planning for a COVID-safe version of our annual Seconds Sale in November. Stay tuned! 

What is your cancellation policy? 

To prioritize the safety of our community, we have revised our cancellation policy to provide maximum flexibility. We have waived all cancellation fees and can issue a full refund up to the day a class begins; only the $25 annual registration fee is non-refundable. However, as partners in this process, we hope you will consider the following when you make your plans:

  • Anyone with a positive diagnosis, symptoms, or exposure to COVID-19 within two weeks of a class starting should let us know immediately so we can cancel your registration and process a refund.
  • Those who need to cancel for any other reason are asked to confirm plans no later than two weeks prior to the start of a class. Planning for your arrival means purchasing supplies, making a commitment to the instructor, and in the case of a full class, holding a spot that someone else might like. As we re-open, it will help us immensely if students avoid cancelling at the last minute except in the case of illness or similar emergency.

In the case of missed class time because someone experiences symptoms of COVID-19 while at Snow Farm, the amount of missed class will be pro-rated as credit towards a future class. Once a class begins, there will be no refunds or credits for early depature, late arrival, or missed class for any other reason. 

When will I know for sure that my class is running?

Typically, we confirm class four weeks before they start, but since there is still so much uncertainty in the world around us, we know that people may need more time to make a commitment. Therefore, we are now waiting until two weeks before the date a class begins to give the green light. We know this takes a little more flexibility on the part of our students and instructors – we thank you in advance!

How will the workshop schedule be different when you reopen? 

The Snow Farm workshop experience is based on small groups, so very little in the way of scheduling has been changed. Large group evenings gatherings such as instructor slide shows or movie night will not take place - more open studio time!  We may develop alternatives to these events.  See the new schedule

What if I have symptoms of COVID-19 before my class? 

If you experience COVID-19 symptoms anytime during the two weeks prior to your class, or if you have been exposed to someone with symptoms or a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, please call Snow Farm immediately to cancel your workshop.  You will receive a full refund in accordance with our policy  Current CDC guidance lists the following symptoms as possibly indicating COVID-19: fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea.

What if I or someone in my class experiences COVID-19 symptoms during a class at Snow Farm?

Anyone who experiences COVID-19 symptoms while at Snow Farm must immediately inform their instructor or a staff member and return home. See CDC list of COVID-19 symptoms here.  Once safely home, a person with symptoms should seek medical care, including getting a test. While respecting an individual’s privacy, Snow Farm will inform others in the class that someone has left due to symptoms of COVID-19. If Snow Farm is notified of a positive COVID-19 test result, we will inform the Williamsburg Board of Health (WBOH) and assist them as requested with contact tracing and any other follow-up.

Following a positive test or a presumed case of COVID-19, Snow Farm will disinfect all impacted spaces and buildings and will wait 24 hours before occupying these spaces again.

In the case of missed class time because someone experiences symptoms of COVID-19 while at Snow Farm, the amount of missed class will be pro-rated as credit towards a future class. Once a class begins, there will be no refunds or credits for early departure, late arrival, or missed class for any other reason. 

I am not able to wear to face mask for medical or personal reasons.  Can I still take a workshop? If you are unable to comply with the state of MA mask-wearing requirement, please call the Snow Farm office to discuss your needs and what reasonable accommodations can be made. 

If I am traveling from outside of Massachusetts, is a period of quarantine required before or after my visit to Snow Farm?  Travel guidelines vary by state and are subject to frequent change.  Please check current MA travel advisories before coming to Snow Farm, and also any advisories in your state of residence.


How big are your classes?

We keep our workshops small so that students of varying skill levels can be accommodated in a single class. With a maximum of 6 - 10 students per class, all students get individual attention. In response to COVID-19, we have reduced the maximum number of students in most classes to 8. 

How old do you have to be to take a workshop at Snow Farm?

All Snow Farm workshops are open to students ages 18+.  Weekend workshops are also open to students ages 13+.  During the month of July, Snow Farm Summer is a program for high school students ages 14 - 18. 

What is the difference between a supply fee and an instructor kit fee?

Both the supply fee and kit fee assure that you have all the necessary materials for your workshop. The main difference between them is how the materials are sourced and when the fee is paid.  When Snow Farm is providing consumable materials, the supply fee is paid to Snow Farm at the time of registration. Some instructors prefer to bring a kit for their students which makes the fee payable directly to instructor at the time of the class. Lastly, in some cases, materials are available for purchase during the class and the cost will vary depend on an individual's choice of project or usage. We provide a range of the cost you might incur. 

How do I register for a workshop? 

Online registration is simple right from our website.  Choose a workshop, add your housing if you are staying at Snow Farm, and pay with a credit card - you're all set. You will need to create an account when you register online which you can access anytime you register in the future.  We will save your contact information and account record but not your credit card. You can also call our office at 413-268-3101 between 9am - 5pm EST and we can register you by phone with a credit card.

How much in advance should I register for a workshop?

We encourage early registration.  Our classes our small and they do fill up.  If a class is full, put your name on the waiting list, and we'll let you know if an opening becomes available.  Most workshops have a minimum of 5 students, and if the minimum is not met two weeks before the start of the class, it will be cancelled - another good reason not to wait until the last minute if you want the class to run.

I am coming to a workshop but I can't find the information you sent me by email.  Is it somewhere on your website? 

Yes!  See the page for registered students

Staying at Snow Farm

What are the accommodations like at Snow Farm?

Housing at Snow Farm is simple, clean, and comfortable. We have four dorms with four room type options: double, single, single plus, and single deluxe. In response to COVID-19, double rooms are available only to people in the same family or who are traveling together. These rooms are not currently available online and can be reserved by calling the Snow Farm office (413-268-3101). There is also one cottage available which offers more privacy. The cost of housing depends on the option you choose and the length of the workshop.  If you prefer to stay off-campus, there are many nearby inns and hotels. We have partnered with the Ellery Hotel  in Northampton to offer our guests a 15% on accommodations at any time during the year. 

Can your kitchen accommodate my food allergies and preferences? 

We want mealtime at Snow Farm to be a nurturing and delicious part of your experience.  We serve fresh, homemade food that always includes a vegan and gluten-free option.  In response to COVID-19, meals will be served "take-out" style: packaged and picked up in the dining hall. Please note, we are no longer able to offer a salad bar or a shared participant refrigerator. If our meal plans don't work for your needs, and you wish to bring food in a cooler, bags of ice are available just down the road at the package store. 

What is Snow Farm's policy on smoking and drinking on campus?   Snow Farm is a smoke-free environment and no form of smoking or vaping is permitted.  In addition, while marijuana is legal in Massachusetts, Snow Farm complies with federal law and does not permit the use of recreational marijuana in any form on campus. For guests over the age of 21, we have a (BYO) Bring Your Own policy for alcoholic beverages, which can be consumed only in the Common Room/Dining Room, on the grounds, and in the dorm rooms, but never in the studios.  You can review our full policy on tobacco, alcohol, and drug use here.


I don't like viewing classes online.  Do you have a printed catalog?

Yes!  Send us your address, and we would be happy to send you our free catalog.  You can also browse the catalog here.

Can I buy a gift certificate to Snow Farm? 

Yes you can!  Creativity always fits!

How can I become an instructor at Snow Farm? 

We welcome proposals for new workshops at any time during the year. Our program year runs from January - October and the schedule for any year is complete by the previous August. The application process is detailed on the Artist Opportunities page.