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Woodworking Studio Tour

The woodworking studio, which was completely renovated in 2018, is fully equipped to support workshops in woodturning, carving, and small furniture construction.  This drawing of the studio shows a detailed floor plan with measurements.  Located adjacent to the glassblowing studio and just a few steps from the dining hall, the woodshop studio accomodates 6 students and an instructor with plenty of room to move around, plus a spacious grassy area right out front that is nice for sanding on sunny days. Woodworking classes have a maximum of six students. 

Equipment & Supplies

The 2018 renovation in the wood studio brought with it seven brand new Harvey Turbo Lathes and custom made work benches with vices and bench dogs.  Additionally the shop is outfitted with a jointer, a planer, bench grinder, tablesaw, 12-speed drillpress, bandsaw, router table, disc sander, air compressor, and a sliding double bevel mitre saw. A full array of hand tools, glues, and finishing oils are available. A state-of-the-art dust collection system runs throughout the studio. Safety equipment includes face shields, basic clear glasses, ear muffs, disposable ear plugs, and non-slip floor mats. Because of COVID-19, we suggest bringing your own PPE if possible. 


All studios are stocked with hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes.  Tabletop plexi-glass shields are available upon request. 


Physical Requirements

The physical demands of working in the wood studio can include long periods of standing and/or sitting. Woodturning involves moderate, but sustained upper body use for carving, sanding, and shaping work-pieces. Lathe knives typically weigh about 1-2 lbs. and require moderate arm, shoulder, and hand strength to engage with work-pieces. Classes generally focus on smaller block work, so heavy lifting is not typically required. Students who are concerned about their ability to participate safely and comfortably in a particular class should contact us to discuss before registering.

Workshop Open Studio

Instructors in woodworking will outline safety guidelines for students who wish to continue working after formal instruction ends. The use of power tools and equipment will be limited and is at the discretion of the instructor. The table saw is not to be used without the instructor present. Between 4:30pm and 9:30pm, students may work alone in the studio; we suggest bringing a cell phone in case an emergency arises and you need to contact the on-site coordinator. After 9pm, when the coordinator makes final rounds, we require that two individuals are present in the studio in order to continue working with any power tools or equipment allowed by your instructor.

All students in the wood studio are expected to wear closed-toe shoes and be comfortablly dressed for long periods of standing. Long hair should be tied back. 

As is true in all Snow Farm studios, the consumption of drugs or alcohol is not allowed, nor shall students work with studio equipment when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The last person in any studio is responsible for turning off indoor lights and closing the doors for the night.

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