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Welding Studio Tour

The welding studio is also known as Bill's Barn, named after Bill Rhodes who is a longtime and beloved Snow Farm welding instructor.  Back in the day, Bill was instrumental in outfitting the shop and he still keeps a close watch to make sure everything is running right. The welding barn has high ceilings and lots of windows that allow for natural light. There is both indoor and outdoor work space so students can spread out. The scrap metal pile outside the welding shop is always changing as our students and staff collect and add spare bike parts, kitchen and garden tools, and plenty of random treasures to the pile.

Equipment & Supplies

The welding barn has eight workstations for a maximum of eight students. There are MIG, arc, and oxy/acetylene welders. Other equipment includes a plasma cutter, a chop saw, drill press, bench grinder, a small portable forge, and an array of hand tools.

We recommend that all students wear closed-toe boots or shoes, long sleeve cotton shirts and pants, and avoid any polyester or flammable blends. Auto-darkening welding masks, particle masks, ear plugs, leather gloves, and safety glasses are available for everyone working in the welding barn. However, due to COVID-19, we recommend that people bring their own whenever possible. 

All studios are stocked with hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes.

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Physical Requirements

Working in the welding barn requires the stamina to stand and move throughout the studio for most of the day. Students need hand and arm strength to hold and use tools such as swinging a hammer or operating a 3 ½ lb angle grinder. Wearing a welding helmet requires neck strength. The welding barn is an open air space, and though the work stations are covered, the space is subject to temperature variations with the weather. Most all welding classes have similar physical demands; students who are concerned about their ability to participate safely and comfortably should contact us to discuss before registering. 

Workshop Open Studio

Instructors in welding will outline safety guidelines for students who are staying to work during open studio. The use of power tools, equipment, and welders will be limited and is at the discretion of the instructor.  Between 4:30pm and 9pm students may work alone in the studio. We suggest bringing a cell phone in case an emergency arises and you need to contact the on-site coordinator. After 9pm, when the coordinator makes final rounds, two individuals must be present in the studio in order to continue working with any power tools or equipment allowed by your instructor.

As is true in all studios at Snow Farm, no consumption of drugs or alcohol is allowed, nor shall students work in the studio when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  The last person in any studio at night is responsible for studio shutdown procedures, turning off all lights, and closing the shop doors.

All Welding Workshops

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