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Welding Studio Tour


During a routine fire inspection in 2022, we learned that the Snow Farm welding barn does not comply with Massachusetts "hot works" regulations, a fairly new set of laws that apply to commercial spaces where people work with flame. Although we have operated welding workshops safely for many years, there is no feasible way  to convert our beloved Bill's Barn into a welding-compliant space under Massachusetts law. As a result,  no welding classes are being offered in 2023.  We are considering other uses for the barn, as well as how to bring welding back to Snow Farm in the future. 

We  deeply regret the disappointment this causes for our community.  We also believe that challenges can be opportunities. One day, we hope to look back and see that Snow Farm grew stronger and better as a result of this change.  If you have questions or ideas about the future welding program at Snow Farm, please reach out to Mary Jo Murphy, Executive Director (