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Marjorie Morgan, Water Based Media in Painting & Printmaking
Apr 24 - Apr 25

Water Based Media in Painting & Printmaking

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For anyone who loves the expressive quality of color and wants a more playful and free approach to art, join Marjorie to explore a variety of water-based media for painting and printmaking: watercolor, water soluble crayons, handmade inks, and Akua printmaking ink. Experiment and play with color, form and layering while discovering the beauty of the fluid form. On day one, create monotype prints full of luscious color and movement using the “watercolor” technique. On day two, paint and print over the original prints to create more layers and/or specificity. The resulting artwork can be realistic or abstract. Marjorie will also share recipes and guidance on creating handmade inks from natural materials. Color is your inspiration, gravity is your friend, and water is your ally!

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