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Kenya Miles, Upcycling & Natural Dyeing, Fiber and Baskets
May 23 - May 28

Upcycling & Natural Dyeing

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Transformation is an essential part of all life cycles and that of clothing is no different. What may seem to be the end cycle - fabric scraps, worn denim jeans, a dress well loved in a fading color, or a scarf requesting new life can actually be an exciting beginning. With thoughtful intervention, used items will bloom into something unique and personal. Explore the basics of surface design using stamps and hand painting with thickened mordants. Once mordants are set to the fabric, pieces will be dyed in a natural dye vat. Learn to achieve a variety of colors, and how to create a natural dye vat on your own. Bring pre-loved clothing or scrap fabric made from natural fibers to work with; additional fabric will be provided for color sampling and patchwork. Images and exercises will be provided for inspiration.

All Meals: $250.00

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