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Joseph Cavalieri, Stained Glass Painting Plus
May 29 - May 31

Stained Glass Painting Plus

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New or experienced makers in stained glass will learn a technique used by medieval artists to make stained glass windows for cathedrals. Discover painting techniques including air-brushing glass (using an atomizer), pen and-ink drawing (using a crow-quill pen), painting with a paint brush, and printing using an existing silk-screen the instructor will bring. Painting and drawing skills not needed, class will trace existing images! After painting, the enamels are kiln-fired onto the surface and the glass is soldered together using the copper foil method. All stained glass techniques will be reviewed and taught. Framing, lighting, and advice on marketing your work will be discussed in class.

All Meals: $116.00

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Registration Opens January 25, 2021