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Ross Smart, Spirit Houses, Woodworking
May 15, 2022 to May 20, 2022

Spirit Houses

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Working in miniature, build a spirit house to bring intique and whimsy to your indoor or outside decor. Use weathered pieces of wood and metal to create a structure that can be traditional or invented. Embellish your spirit house with small objects such as old keys, unusual buttons, wooden spools or whatever captures your interest - a great use for all the treasures you’ve collected. Whether you design a peaceful abode or a colorful cottage, creating a spirit house is a journey into your imagination and creativity. No supply fee; students encouraged to bring found objects. All levels welcome.

All Meals: $320.00

  • When housing is selected, MEALS are automatically added to the cart and will appear as a separate item.
  • 2nd person in the Cottage or Single Plus Queen: Please add ALL MEALS.
  • Non-residential students can choose LUNCH ONLY or ALL MEALS.

Registration Opens January 13, 2022