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plein air painting
Oct 3 to Oct 8

Palette Knife Painting En Plein Air

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Autumn is a spectacular time to capture the color of the outdoors in oil painting. Begin with discussion of compositional design, value, and color tones, along with some oil painting fundamentals. Then venture outdoors to paint en plein air. Working with a limited primary-color palette and a palette knife will simplify decision making and take the hassle out of painting so we can focus on the essentials and connect with the magic of the ever-changing landscape. Guidance and demos in the field will be aimed at honing skills and improving the ability to perceive color, depth, and form. In-studio work will compliment field exercises and give students the opportunity to further refine their impressions. Open to curious beginners and experienced plein air painters. No supply fee; students will bring own supplies. See supply list for more information.

All Meals: $250.00

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