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Crispina ffrench, Make Functional Beauty with Used Clothing Alchemy, Fibers
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Oct 9 to Oct 11

Make Functional Beauty with Used Clothing Alchemy

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Turn a collection of beloved but no longer wearable clothing into new wardrobe items that express your creativity with affordability, comfort, fit, and flattery. Bring 6-12 pieces to repurpose or swap, as well as favorite garments to use for a pattern (these will not be harmed). Tips and tricks for cutting and sewing, design consultations, and feedback will help steer you toward new wardrobe staples or statement pieces!

NOTE:  In addition to the standard Snow Farm policy on masks, the instructor in this class has requested that fully vaccinated students bring a mask to be worn when students are closer than 6’ to one another in the studio (gathering for a demo, moving about the studio, looking over a shoulder at someone else’s work, etc).

Class Full

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