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Amanda Taylor, Luscious Pate de Verre - An Introduction, Kiln Glass
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Aug 8 - Aug 13

Luscious Pate de Verre - An Introduction

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Pate de verre is a widely varied art form. Through in-depth exploration, learn how to make delicate components, non-traditional forms, and traditional 3D open-faced molds to create thin-walled glass forms. Using frit and powder, practice several different methods of exact color placement and design. Discussion will include the use of reinvestments and inclusions in the mold and an in-depth review of firing schedules and the use of temperature to attain specific goals. Students will create several vessels as well as some non-traditional components and forms. Expect to work hard and have fun with pate de verre, a process which encourages patience and lends itself to experimentation and unusual expression. Prerequisite: At least 1 year working with fused glass.

Class Full

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