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Sep 30 to Oct 3

Introductory Flameworking: Glass Beads

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Glass beads are like marbles, with a hole through the middle - but how does the hole get there? Learn the secret, and more, as you explore the ancient art of flameworking to make beautiful beads of every shape and color. Working with soft glass and a table-mounted torch, learn how to manipulate the honey-like molten material with heat and gravity. Discover how to add dots, stripes, flowers, and organic design elements to the surface. After a couple days of practice, you'll be off and running and be delighted at what you create. Go home wearing handmade jewels for all to admire. No supply fee; glass will be available for purchase during class based on individual usage.

NOTE:  In addition to the standard Snow Farm policy on masks, the instructor in this class has requested that fully vaccinated students bring a mask to be worn when students are closer than 6’ to one another in the studio (gathering for a demo, moving about the studio, looking over a shoulder at someone else’s work, etc).

Class Full

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