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Terry Kovalcik, Hollow Forms with Metal Clay, Metalsmithing, Jewelry
Oct 15 to Oct 17

Hollow Forms with Metal Clay

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Explore a unique quality of metal clay: how it lends itself to making hollow forms that are core-less, dry-constructed and light-weight. Learn how to work with precision by creating templates, then work with push molds, wire armatures, your dry-constructed hollow forms, and advanced finishing techniques to create multi-dimensional pieces. Terry will guide students in expanding their own artistic style and voice.
No supply fee; students will purchase materials from instructor based on individual usage, approximate cost $130 - $155. Previous experience working with metal clay required.

NOTE: By instructor request, all students in this workshop, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear masks in the studio. Snow Farm has medical masks available or students may bring cloth masks; no bandanas or scarves, please.

All Meals: $116.00

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Registration Opens January 25, 2021