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Aug 4, 2022 to Aug 12, 2022

High-Fire Reduction

Pottery has existed for thousands of years, and the world doesn't need any more objects, yet we continue to make and appreciate pottery. What are we trying to say? Why do we do it? Doug believes pots add meaning to life and provide a path toward empathy and understanding. Through making pots we tap into human needs, explore who we are, define what we love, and learn how we can put intention into what we make. In this 9-day, extended length workshop, explore the luscious quality and beauty of reduction firing through experimentation with slips and glazes. The subtle nature of reduction fired ceramic materials will reveal countless possibilities. Good pots are like good friends - they communicate deeply, touch our souls, and add profound meaning to our daily lives. Connect with experienced clay artists for a technical and philosophical 9-day adventure. Participants will equally share a cone 10 reduction firing and leave with finished work. Basic wheel throwing or handbuilding experience required.

Watch a short video of Doug talking about the upcoming workshop.

NOTE: This workshop combines a 4-day class and 5-day class. Please pay careful attention to the start and end date as there is no other workshop on the same timeframe. See a detailed schedule. The housing choices below include both room and board. Meals will not appear separately in the cart. If you would like an early arrival the night before the first day of class, please call the office (413-268-3101) to arrange.   

Please contact us to inquire about Cottage and Single Deluxe room availability.

All Meals: $212.00

  • When housing is selected, MEALS are automatically added to the cart and will appear as a separate item.
  • 2nd person in the Cottage or Single Plus Queen: Please add ALL MEALS.
  • Non-residential students can choose LUNCH ONLY or ALL MEALS.

Registration Opens January 13, 2022