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Glassblowing Studio Tour


Unfortunately,  the glassblowing studio will be closed for the 2022 season. We hope this is a temporary condition that can be reversed when we get fully beyond the pandemic. Until then, please consider a different type of glass workshop or really branch out and try something new. 

The glassblowing studio, aka the coolest hotshop around, is located adjacent to the wood studio, between the dining hall and the dorms.  The 800 foot space has two large doorways and large windows on two external walls to allow for fresh air and lots of  natural light. Workshops in the glassblowing studio can accommodate a maximum of eight students with one instructor and a teaching assistant.

Equipment & Supplies

The 200lb furnace is at the center of the glassblowing studio, flanked on each side by a glory hole.  Three annealers and three marvers complete the major equipment in the shop. 

Each bench is outfitted with a full array of hand tools: tweezers, shears, jacks short and long and special for goblets, sofiettas, calipers, wooden blocks, and all the beeswax and newspaper that you'd ever need. Also available are one crimp, hole punch and cane cutter.  There are three bernzomatic torches. 

We use Crystallica glass in the furnace which is compatible with Gaffer and Reichenbach. We stock a variety of colored frit for use as the instructor decides. 

Open Studio & Safety

The glassblowing instructor must always be present when students are working in the hotshop.  They will outline a schedule, which for safety reasons may not go past 10 pm. As is true in all Snow Farm studios, no consumption of drugs or alcohol is allowed in the studio, nor shall students work with studio equipment while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

All students in a glassblowing workshop are expected to wear clothing made from natural fibers i.e. cotton. Polyester fabrics are dangerous around the temperatures in the hot shop. Closed-toe shoes, long sleeved shirts, and long pants are required. We recommend sunglasses for eye protection and a sweatband or bandana; long hair must be tied back. If you wear contact lenses, it's a good idea to have saline eyedrops handy as the heat can dry your eyes quickly - and for the rest of your body, a water bottle to stay hydrated!