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Jun 18, 2022 to Jun 19, 2022

FUNctional Welding

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Class will begin with the simple, yet meticulous, concept of a box and lid, with each student making a unique steel chest. By breaking down and understanding the fundamental workings of a hinge, students will learn about the complexity of movement in sculpture, which may be the inspiration for their next project. Learning about steel fabrication and functionality will include various cutting, shaping, and welding techniques. Students are welcome to bring decorative items such as handles, fasteners, hooks, and latches to use in their sculptures.
The supply fee covers studio consumables and specialty items; additional sheet and rod will be available for purchase at market rates in class. All levels welcome.

All Meals: $84.00

  • When housing is selected, MEALS are automatically added to the cart and will appear as a separate item.
  • 2nd person in the Cottage or Single Plus Queen: Please add ALL MEALS.
  • Non-residential students can choose LUNCH ONLY or ALL MEALS.

Registration Opens January 13, 2022