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Farmhouse Studio Tour

The red brick farmhouse is the first building on the left when driving onto the Snow Farm property. The building dates back to 1735 and is thought to be the first home in Williamsburg. The Snow Farm administrative offices are located in the front of the farmhouse. The back part of the farmhouse is a wood-sided addition dating to 1865 which is now the studio.

The farmhouse studio has two main spaces and two smaller workrooms. The “kitchen” area has a double-bowl sink and one large worktable. The “living-room” area is a larger L-shaped room with four tables. The two smaller workspaces, at the back of the farmhouse, each have a medium-size table. One of the workrooms is a screened-in porch, and one is a breezeway that is not heated. The outdoor space includes an open-air porch, a clothesline for drying, and several grassy areas for various types of work.

The multi-purpose farmhouse studio is used for most of the fiber, basket, and papermaking workshops with a maximum of 10 students.

Equipment & Supplies

The following equipment is available in the farmhouse studio: one large propane burner, two electric single burners, four electric double burners, four single grill butane burners, four soy wax hot plates, five sewing machines (1 Bernina, 1 Dressmaker, 1 Kenmore, 1 Bicor, 1 Europro), six ironing boards and irons, one paper pulping machine, two blenders, seven blow dryers, and 15 silk screens in various sizes. We stock Procion dyes and various dyeing chemicals and additives. We use Speedball screen-printing inks.

All studios are stocked with hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes. Table top plexi-glass shield are available upon request.

Workshop Open Studio

During the workshop period, the farmhouse studio remains open 24/7. Instructors will outline safety guidelines for students who are staying to work, including any tools that should not be used without the instructor present. We suggest bringing a cell phone to the studio in case an emergency arises and you need to contact the on-site coordinator. As is true in all Snow Farm studios, the consumption of drugs or alcohol is not allowed, nor shall students work with studio equipment when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The last person in any studio is responsible for turning off indoor lights and closing the doors for the night.


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