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Pauline Warg, Discover The World of Torch-Fired Enamels, Metalsmithing, Jewelry
Oct 3 to Oct 8

Discover The World of Torch-Fired Enamels

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Learn all the basics of creating colorful jewelry and objects by permanently fusing glass enamels to metal using a soldering torch instead of a kiln, and experience the thrill of watching the process first hand. Many decorative techniques will be explored in depth, for a myriad of effects. The possibilities are nearly limitless.Tools, materials, health, and safety will all be covered in depth. The class will be working with non-leaded enamels and copper. All levels welcome! No supply fee; an instructor kit fee of $75 is payable during the class.

All Meals: $250.00

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Registration Opens January 25, 2021