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Cameron Schmitz, Creative Mark-Making in Painting, 2D, Mixed Media
Class Full
Oct 23, 2021 to Oct 24, 2021

Creative Mark-Making in Painting

The way that paint is applied and expressed is an integral part of one’s visual language, inherently impacting how a work of art is seen, felt, and interpreted. In this workshop, explore an intuitive approach to oil painting and mark making while investigating different elements of drawing, brushwork, and surface quality within a painting. Consider and experiment with the processes that generate exciting, authentic and unique works of art. The workshop will include looking at images of various contemporary art works, painting and drawing demos, one-on-one instruction, and ample painting time. Appropriate for beginners and experienced oil painters. Note: While demos and provided materials will be focused on working in oil, students who are familiar with acrylics are welcome to bring their own acrylics and mediums to work with.

Class Full

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