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Tyler Gulden, Cone 10 Reduction Firing, Ceramics
May 29 - May 31

Cone 10 Reduction Firing

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Do you have bisqueware from previous workshops? Are you uncertain how high fire glazes work? This hands-on workshop takes aim at the fears and unknowns of glazing and firing. Tyler Gulden will walk you through the entire process, cover basic materials and mixing, troubleshoot to avoid mistakes, and cover a variety of application techniques. As a group, the class will load and fire a down-draft kiln, learning the important key steps in cone 10 reduction firing. While the kiln fires, the class will work in the pottery studio, making and sharing ideas all day. Unloading on the last day will be a real treat! Bring your bisque-fired stoneware or porcelain pots. Open to experienced beginners and potters wishing to expand glaze options.

All Meals: $116.00

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