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Ceramics. David MacDonald. Decorating Leather-Hard Clay
Aug 26 - Sep 1
Decorating Leather-Hard Clay
Ceramics. Rebecca Hutchinson. Paperclay: A Sculptural Approach
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Sep 1 - Sep 3
Paperclay: A Sculptural Approach
Ceramics. Robbie Lobell. Kitchen to Table Pots
Sep 30 - Oct 9
Kitchen-to-Table Pots
Ceramics. Bob Green. Alternative Firing Techniques
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Oct 12 - Oct 14
Alternative Firings
Ceramics. Paula Shalan. Clay, Smoke & Fire
Oct 14 - Oct 20
Clay, Smoke & Fire
Ceramics. Todd Wahlstrom. Connecting Form & Surface in Functional Pots
Oct 20 - Oct 21
Connecting Form and Surface in Functional Pots