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Anabella Wewer, Andamento in Modern Mosaics
Class Full
Jun 11, 2021 to Jun 13, 2021

Andamento in Modern Mosaics

Explore the principles of andamento to understand how each tesserae, or piece of a mosaic, interacts with the next to give mosaics definition. Study how to split lines to create volume or change colors, how to avoid using pieces that distract from the overall composition, and more — all with a modern mosaic aesthetic. Students will begin by studying the classic mosaic tools of hammer and hardie, understanding the factors that affect successful cuts. Participants will work on a temporary substrate to allow more focus on the understanding of line building, and optionally can move on to create a small composition on a permanent substrate. Open to beginners and practiced mosaicists alike. Students will purchase materials from instructor based on individual material choices — approximate cost $65 - $85.

Class Full

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