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Christy Knox, Above the Surface: Embossed Slab Construction, Ceramics
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May 8 - May 9

Above the Surface: Embossed Slab Construction

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Learn to hand build captivating pottery using special tricks of the trade. Working with soft slabs rolled on embossing plates, students will explore a variety of forms while investigating organic surface design. Accents made by stamping and marking with found objects will expand the surfaces. Students will learn forming techniques similar to sewing, such as cutting and darting, to create a small series of pieces inviting use. No firing included.

Firing: In some classes, there is not enough time for ceramic projects to dry and be safely fired during the workshop session. However, post-workshop bisque firing can be arranged for an additional fee up to $50. Classmates may choose to share the cost of firing the kiln. Students are responsible for shipping and handling costs, or may pick up their work in person one week after the class ends.

Class Full

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