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2D & Mixed Media Studio Tour

The 2D and Mixed Media Studio houses all the drawing, painting, printmaking, marbling, collage, and some bookmaking and paper workshops. The spacious renovated barn building has tall ceilings with upper and lower windows that bring in an abundance of natural light. Classes in this studio generally have a maximum of 10 students.

COVID-19 UPDATE:  The maximum number of students in this studio has been reduced to 8. Individual worktables will be spaced 6’ apart and students will use the same table for the duration of the workshop. Plexiglass shields are available at each worktable that can be used per individual comfort. One table can serve as a place for review with instructor for works-in-progress. Students are encouraged to bring their own hand tools, writing utensils, brushes, etc  to reduce sharing.  Anti-bacterial wipes will be provided for cleaning larger equipment such as a printing press or easel. For more information, see the COVID-19 Information page. 

Equipment & Supplies

The 2D studio is equipped to be a multi-purpose space. The large custom built tables on locking caster wheels can be moved into various configurations. Generally, a set of tables are set against a wall under a bank of windows that look across the meadow toward the dining hall. Another set of tables are set in a rectangle in the middles of the room, and another table is set near the other wall. The studio has a single bowl sink.

Other equipment includes the following: easels, glass pallettes, masonite drawing boards, a model stand and clamp lights, a drying rack, a paper pulping machine and two blenders, a Blick 999 Model II Etching Press (bed is 17” wide, 35” long), a 36" paper dispensor with both newsprint and kraft paper, a 19" square paper cutter, and a 26" rotarium. The studio has beautiful natural light, overhead lights, and tabletop LED task lights.

Open Studio Guidelines

During the workshop period, the drawing studio remains open 24/7.  Instructors will outline safety guidelines for students who are staying to work, including any tools that should not be used without the instructor present. Students are requested to bring a cell phone in case an emergency arises and they want to contact the on-site coordinator. As is true in all Snow Farm studios, the consumption of drugs or alcohol is not allowed, nor shall students work with studio equipment when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  The last person in any studio is responsible for turning off indoor lights and closing the doors for the night.


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