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Registered Students

Whether you are coming to Snow Farm for the first time or you are a regular, we look forward to your visit. Below are some resources you will need as you prepare for your workshop:

Student Registration Packet

These packets include general information about Snow Farm and spending time here. Some information will vary depending on the length of your workshop; so different packets are available for you to download below.  Your packet will include:

  • A full workshop schedule
  • Snow Date information, when applicable
  • Arrival and campus information
  • Details on meals, accommodations, and packing
  • A campus map, travel information, and local resources

 For workshops in January, February and April

Winter  Registration Packet

For workshops in May  - October

2-Day Registration Packet

3-Day Registration Packet

4-Day Registration Packet

5-Day Registration Packet

For 7- or 9-day clay workshops, please contact the office for arrival and schedule information.

Workshop Overview

This document provides details about your specific workshop including a student supply list, open studio guidelines, and information from your instructor. We send this information about 3 weeks prior to your workshop.  If you do not receive your workshop overview, please contact the office.

Student Health Form

All students must complete a Student Health Form at least two weeks prior to theirworkshop. This form is required for workshop participation and can be found below.

Student Health Form

As always, call, email or stop on by with any questions. We look forward to creating with you soon!