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Ceramics. Tiffany Hilton
  • 2016 Limited Edition Tray by Tiffany Hilton
  • Ceramics. Tiffany Hilton
  • Ceramics. Tiffany Hilton

Tiffany Hilton

<p>Tiffany Hilton is a full-time potter and teacher in Northampton, MA. After studying at State University of New York at New Paltz, she apprenticed with Kit Cornell Pottery and established her own studio in 2005. She has been working with clay for thirty years and has been teaching workshops for fifteen years. Tiffany&rsquo;s work has been represented in Ceramics Monthly and included in numerous group exhibitions including The Society of Arts &amp; Crafts, Harvard University, Fuller Museum and Charlie Cummings Gallery. She enhances her own knowledge and passion for teaching ceramics by attending workshops herself and has studied with Cynthia Bringle, Karen Karnes, Phil Rogers, Catherine White, Deborah Schwartzkopf, Randy Johnston, and Bede Clarke. Tiffany is also a member and organizer of the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail annual studio tour.</p>