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Kristin Kearns and Len Keeler, That Inner Glow: Creating Lampwork Beads for LED Illumination, Flameworking

Kristin Kearns & Len Keeler

Kristin Kearns and Len Keeler started AnglerFish in 2015, after spending four years developing an LED necklace system that didn't require a PhD to assemble or operate, and didn't look like it came out of a gumball machine. The initial idea was to illuminate gemstones, but along the way Kristin discovered lampwork and became obsessed. Professionally, Kristin began in X-ray astronomy and moved down the spectrum to radio waves before spending a decade as an astronomy professor. Her artistic life has also spanned a broad range including various fiber arts and ceramics before arriving at illuminated lampwork and jewelry design. Kristin currently work in grants management during the day and in her home glass studio at night.