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Ken Lindgren, Woodturning: Bowls and Beyond

Ken Lindgren

<p>Ken has been a professional, full-time woodturner and teacher for 16 years, a woodturner for 25, and a woodworker for more than 65. The son of a lifetime artist, he gravitates towards the artistic side of wood turning. Distressed wood, color, abstract forms, burning, texturing, knots, cracks, voids, insect holes, are all used in a multitude of ways to create his work. He's taken formal classes from Betty Scarpino, Binh Pho, Michael Hosaluk, Jacques Vesary, Graeme Priddle and attended numerous symposiums on national and local levels. He's taught at The New England Woodturning Symposium, Fuller Craft Museum, Woodcraft, the Eliot School and numerous local clubs. His website is</p>