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Kathy Klompas

Kathy Klompas

<p>While &ldquo;breaking ground on organic painterly images in monoprint,&rdquo; Kathy Klompas is an engaging artist who has journeyed from textiles to printmaking and back again. With a loose, sensuous approach to color and expression, Kathy creates vibrant images on both paper and fabric. With a deep background in coaching &amp; mentoring, students find a personal focus which encourages them towards their own intuitive process where colour and shape flow in precise, personal and exquisite creations. As the owner of Ragged Edge Printmaking Studio in Cohoes NY, ( Kathy not only creates and shows her work regionally, but also supports artists and students through lessons and leadership in her community.</p>

Classes with Kathy Klompas
Kathy Klompas, Monotype on Silk, Fibers
Oct 23 to Oct 24