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Ingrid Lavoie, 2D and Mixed Media

Ingrid Lavoie

Ingrid Lavoie was first inspired to try papercutting when she visited relatives in Denmark as a teenager. The winters are long and dark there and the tradition of making homes as bright and cozy as possible included decorating windows with papercuttings. She is completely self-taught in this craft, but has a B A from the Rhode Island School of Design in Illustration. Ingrid makes her own Christmas cards using the Scherenschnitte media. She says she loves the idea of making things and sharing them with friends. Check out her website ( to see a portfolio of her work. Ingrid's mother is Danish, and she was born in Kuwait. Her Father was a civil engineer working in Greenland, but on a vacation to Copenhagen he met Ingrid's mother. They moved to the States when she was one year old and she grew up in Connecticut. She attended RISD and met her husband, a Tiverton native, in her senior year in college. And so she, husband and two children, now reside in Wakefield – a long distance from Kuwait and Denmark. Ingrid worked for years as a graphic designer, and among others, worked for RI Magazine. When children came along, she started working for herself while staying at home. A few years ago she wanted to get back to work but found that finding a job wasn't that easy. So she started marketing her work online on and at different galleries. One contact from a gallery sale led her to teaching. She says she loves teaching because it's nice to share ideas with students. "I love bringing student ideas to the mix," she says. "Their enthusiasm pumps me up." She says that students bring something unique to the table. "I learn something new from each student," commented Ingrid. "Even if it doesn’t have to do with art, they share what they have in common." Ingrid has had some press in a variety of publications, and has gotten some commissions through that, including designing papercuttings for weddings. When Ingrid's not papercutting, teaching, or painting, she says she loves to salvage things. She'll find things in the street or at flea markets, paint and fix furniture to give them a new life. It's that artistic instinct that blossomed long ago on dark Danish winter days.