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Eric Goldschmidt

Having learned by studying and assisting with many of the world's most talented glass artists, Eric Goldschmidt has devoted his efforts to practicing and developing his work since 1996. These experiences have given him a vast array of techniques and inspirations from which to draw. He combines this wealth of knowledge with his own interests in the subtle energies of the natural world, delicate forms, and the capture of raw human emotions to create original new works. Eric held the position of Resident Flameworker at The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass for 6 years. He then worked with Arribas Brothers Company where he designed, developed, and produced works at Walt Disney World. He returned to The Corning Museum of Glass in the spring of 2008. As Supervisor of Properties of Glass Programs, he develops demonstrations that help to educate, inspire, and spread the word of the very fascinating glass World to hundreds of thousands of visitors per year.

Classes with Eric Goldschmidt