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Derek Weidman, Wood
  • Derek Weidman, Sculpting on a Wood Lathe, Woodworking
  • Derek Weidman, Sculpting with a Wood Lathe
  • Derek Weidman; Sculpting on the Wood Lathe

Derek Weidman

Derek Weidman has been pushing the limits of the lathe and the woodturning field since 2008 and has been a wood sculptor since 2003. His multi-axis work has been considered groundbreaking by many as his sculptures at every turn have been leaving observers shaking their heads at how it was made, and nearly incredulous after finding out the work was created almost exclusively on a lathe. In demonstrations, he asked for an animal from the audience to turn, and then with no planning turns that animal's likeness on the spot. He has in effect created an entire visual language that can capture any subject through the circular cuts woodturning provides.