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Chris Lann, Metalsmithing and Jewelry
  • Christopher Lann, Introduction to Sand Casting, Metalsmithing
  • Chris Lann, Introduction to Sand Casting, Metalsmithing and Jewelry

Christopher Lann

Taking cues from nature, Chris Lann employs techniques used since the dawn of metalsmithing to create pieces that are at once organic and contemporary. He forgoes methods of mass production such as lost wax casting, in favor of authentic primitive processes, such as sand casting, which yield jewelry as naturally varied as the people who will wear it. Since 2003, he has explored and adapted a variety of these techniques, including knit and woven metals, to create his line of one-of-a-kind and limited-production jewelry, which he sells primarily at art and craft shows in southern New England.Since 2017, he has taught jewelry and metals classes from his studio and that of veteran goldsmith Robert Borter, both in Brattleboro, VT.

Classes with Christopher Lann