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Bob Turan Welded Sculpture
  • Bob Turan Welded Scupture
  • Bob Turan Welded Sculpture
  • Bob Turan Welded Sculpture

Bob Turan

Bob strongly believes in and supports sponsored public art that provides both attractions for visitors and opportunities for artists. He has been a filmmaker, artist and sculptor and has gravitated to public art since moving to upstate New York from the Washington DC area.

With a cinematic eye and a welder's arc, Bob brings light, motion and mass to his work. He contrasts weathered and polished, light and dark, mass and space. Bob often works in four dimensions, allowing time to show the kinetic aspects of a piece. The processes of welding has allowed his visions to soar. He enjoys the fabrication as much as the design, and usually refines the concept during construction. In the end, he feels there is some of "Vulcan's* power" in his work.

*Vulcan - the Roman god of fire and metalworking (not to be confused with any Star Trek characters or species).

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