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Bill Rhoads, Welding
  • Intro to Welding in Bill's Barn; Bill Rhodes (student work)
  • Whimsical Welding; Bill Rhodes (student work)

Bill Rhodes

<p>Bill Rhodes brings old things to life. He frequently haunts flea markets, brings home things others don't want, and creates new and extraordinary objects with them. He populates his garden with his whimsical creations, adding personal and inspired touches to the landscape. His expansive, exuberant and generous personality is infectious, and his work ethic keeps him young, engaged and endlessly amused. Like a modern day Johnny Appleseed, he sows the seeds of creativity by teaching welding to students of all ages here at Snow Farm. For the last 20 years Bill has taught welding at least twice a year, at week-long and weekend workshops. His classes are always well attended, and his students create marvelous things, with Bill&rsquo;s guidance and inspiration. Bill fully supports Snow Farm&rsquo;s mission to awaken and nourish their creativity, and when he&rsquo;s onsite, he is an integral part of the immersive experience. Bill enjoys watching his students learn about themselves and their creative self-being.</p>