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Your time at Snow Farm is a chance to unplug and unwind, a vacation from your everyday life, the creative retreat you deserve. The daily schedule includes intensive instruction and ample open studio time to practice your new skills and develop your projects. The beauty of the 50-acre landscape at Snow Farm is at your disposal for quiet walks and contemplation.  Enjoy sitting by the pond or brook to chat with new friends. The schedule below outlines the basic flow of events in a workshop experience at Snow Farm. Schedules will vary for special programs and can be found on the Registered Students page. 

New in 2023: Building community is an important component of the Snow Farm experience. Our small program, a walkable campus, studios that are open to visitors, and lingering over delicious meals all contribute. In addition, our longer workshops begin with a welcome dinner and an instructor slide show on the night before instruction begins. For 2023, all workshops now include this relaxing and informative evening. We are excited to offer all our students time to settle in when they arrive for a workshop, and the opportunity to meet all the instructors who are on campus, the Snow Farm staff, and each other. We invite and encourage students who are not staying on campus to join us for dinner and the program.  

2023 Workshop Schedule

To see the specialized schedules for Art & Wellness Retreats or Residencies, see the Registered Students page.