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Cost & Fees

Snow Farm is a nonprofit organization and we keep our prices as low as possible while offering high value.

Workshop Costs

The cost of a workshop includes tuition and open studio hours.

Most workshops require an additional supply fee or kit fee. Supply fees cover materials needed for the specific class and are payable at the time of registration. Kit fees can include materials and/or tools and are payable to the instructor during the workshop. In some cases, materials are available during class and can be purchased based on individual usage. We provide an expected range so that students can plan for their expenses. Most instructors will also ask that students bring a few additional items with them to the class. 

A note about jewelry classes: we provide brass, copper, and bronze.  In some cases, a class will include silver. In classes that do not include silver, students are welcome to bring their own silver to use during the workshop. Also, stones for jewelry are not provided.

Housing & Meals

Housing at Snow Farm is available May - October.  The cost of housing depends on the type of housing and the length of the workshop. All meals are included in all housing options

Non-residential students can choose to purchase a lunch package or a full meal package at the time of registration.  Breakfast ($12) and dinner ($18) can be added on any day by arrangment with the on-site coordinator during the workshop.

Friday nights are special at Snow Farm. The week concludes with an exhibit of student work, a pre-dinner reception, a special meal, and a benefit auction that includes work made by students and instructors and Snow Farm gift certificates. All students are welcome to invite guests to this end-of-week celebration and non-residential students may wish to plan on staying late that night. The additional cost for dinner is $18 per person for non-residential students and guests and can be arranged with the on-site coordinator.

Workshop Access Program

The Workshop Access Program (WAP) provides workshop opportunities to people who could not otherwise afford to attend Snow Farm. People who meet the following household income guidelines are invited to apply to the program.

People in Household Max Annual Income
1 $40,000
2 $55,000
3 or more $70,000


Registration Fee

Once per year, there is a non-refundable $25 registration fee

Cancellation Policy

COVID-19 and Reopening Update (6/27/20)

To prioritize the safety of our community, we have revised our cancellation policy to provide maximum flexibility. We have waived all cancellation fees and can issue a full refund up to the day a class begins; only the $25 annual registration fee is non-refundable. However, as partners in this process, we hope you will consider the following when you make your plans:

  • Anyone with a positive diagnosis, symptoms, or exposure to COVID-19 within two weeks of a class starting should let us know immediately so we can process a refund.
  • Those who need to cancel for any other reason are asked to confirm plans no later than two weeks prior to the start of a class. Planning for your arrival means purchasing supplies, making a commitment to the instructor, and in the case of a full class, holding a spot that someone else might like. As we re-open, it will help us immensely if students avoid cancelling at the last minute except in the case of illness or similar emergency.

In the case of missed class time because someone experiences symptoms of COVID-19 while at Snow Farm, the amount of missed class will be pro-rated as credit towards a future class. Once a class begins, there will be no refunds or credits for early departure, late arrival, or missed class for any other reason. 

NOTE: Snow Farm is a nonprofit organization, and we have cancelled more than half our season. We are facing $350,000 in lost revenue, nearly one third of our budget that supports our staff and facility. Please consider donating a portion (or all) of your refund to Snow Farm.