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COVID-19 Containment at Snow Farm


The Snow Farm Covid Containment Plan has been extremely successful in allowing us to operate safely since Augsut 2020. Executive Director Mary Jo Murphy provided this update in early September. 


We have navigated into the rapids, and now we navigate out. ~  Mary Jo Murphy

Throughout the Covid crisis, Snow Farm has faithfully followed the guidelines of the CDC and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Along the way, Governor Baker has been cautious, careful, and considerate of each guideline and restriction and Snow Farm has followed with confidence. With over 4.1 million people immunized and cases and hospitalizations at an all time low, the Commonwealth of MA is lifting many restrictions. 

As we did in the beginning, Snow Farm is once again going to follow CDC and state guidelines. However, we realize that as a community, we all adapt to change differently. Based on all the needs of our Snow Farm community, we have carefully decided to set the following course of action.

We expect all guests to comply with the following best practices and expectations.

  • Anyone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or has had exposure to someone with symptoms or a COVID-19 diagnosis within two weeks prior to arrival, should not attend a workshop at Snow Farm.  Our flexible cancellation policy remains in effect
  • Wash hands frequently.
  • Anyone who is not fully vaccinated is required to wear a mask indoors, and outside, when 6" of distance is not possible. People who have been fully vaccinated may choose not to wear face coverings." This policy is based on individual trust; Snow Farm will not ask about or verify anyone's vaccination status.**
  • The state of emergency in MA ends on June 15, 2021.  However, please consult travel guidelines issued by the state of Massachusetts and your home state before traveling to Snow Farm.

*amended per state of MA, July 30, 2021: Vaccinated people who are at increased risk from COVID-19, or who live with someone at increased risk, are advised to wear a mask when indoors.
** amended September 09, 2021: Regardless of vaccination status, everyone on campus is required to wear a mask in the dining hall/common room when not eating or drinking.  Additionally, students are expected to wear a mask if they enter a studio other than the one that houses their workshop. 



The following adaptions to COVID-19 are still in effect:

  • Workshop classes with no more than 10 people total in any studio 
  • Hand sanitizer stations with anti-bacterial soap in all studios
  • Outdoor spaces for eating, working, or taking breaks
  • Screen doors and extra fans for increased air circulation are present in all studios
  • Plexi-glass panels between work areas are installed or available in studios where possible
  • Regarding the use of hand tools:                                
    • Students are asked to bring their own tools when possible
    • Snow Farm will provide Individual tool kits wherever possible
    • UV sanitizers will be used for cleaning hand tools between classes 
  • Anti-bacterial wipes and posted instructions for cleaning shared equipment between uses 
  • Thorough sanitizing of studios with the electrostatic disinfectant sprayer between uses
  • Increased frequency of cleaning bathrooms and high-touch areas
  • Larger group evening events such as instructor slides or Friday night exhibit/auction will not take place (more open studio time!)

Take a closer look at each studio.


  • Food and menu:
    • Dining manager Abby Donovan is Serv-Safe certified and has developed an extensive plan that maintains the great quality of the food and complies with all health guidelines.
    • Guests choose a meal plan in advance of coming to Snow Farm which will apply to all their meals. Choices are regular (no restrictions), gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan/gluten free.
    • All meals will be freshly made and served cafeteria style in the dining hall
    • At breakfast, a self-serve beverage bar in the dining hall will provide coffee, tea, and juice. Guests will have a choice of cold items such as muffins, yogurt, or fruit and a daily special-order hot entrée. 
    • Lunches will feature sandwiches, burgers, and grain bowls, plus dessert and a drink.
    • The dinner menu includes hearty grilled skewers, stir fry, and individual pizzas with delicious sides and salads. A self-serve beverage bar will provide coffee, tea, and desserts.
  • Mealtimes
    • Outdoor tables and seating will be spread throughout campus. Outdoor heaters will keep mealtimes cozy when the weather cools.
    • In the dining hall
      • Hand sanitation stations have been installed at the entrance.
      • Tables, chairs, and any other high-touch items will be thoroughly sanitized between meals.  

See also: Dining at Snow Farm.


Staying at Snow Farm turns a regular workshop into a retreat! These procedures will assure your safe stay at Snow Farm.

  • All dorm rooms are singles. Members of the same family or people traveling together can request a double by calling our office. 
  • Dorm assignments will be made to keep classroom groups together as much as possible. As a result, we cannot guarantee single sex dorms.   
  • Snow Farm is not able to provide linens; guests will bring their own sheets and pillowcases, and towels.
  • Snow Farm cannot lend out electric blankets.  Rooms are heated, but if you feel you'd like something extra on cool nights, please bring your own.
  • Rooms will be thoroughly sanitized with the electrostatic disinfectant sprayer between uses.
  • Dorm bathrooms will be cleaned frequently. 

See also: Housing at Snow Farm.

Whether you are staying overnight at Snow Farm or joining us just for a workshop, all the best parts of a Snow Farm experience ready and waiting for you: excellent instruction from professional artists, a generous spriit of sharing knowledge and ideas between classmates, the stunning landscape in summer bloom or fall foliage, the babbling of the brook and the serenity of the pond, and time and space to relax.