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Jun 19, 2021
Encaustic 101: Painting With Wax
Narrative Mending
Introduction To Stained Glass
Small And Mighty: Miniature Fabrication
Welded Birdhouse
Woodturning 101
Jun 25, 2021
Creative Papermaking
Resinating Your Work
Mixed Media Mosaics
Make It In Metal
Between The Covers: Books As Art
Jul 4, 2021
Session 1
Full Summer
Session 1 With Scholarship Application
Jul 17, 2021
Jul 18, 2021
Session 2
Session 2 With Scholarship Application
Aug 5, 2021
Demystifying The Pop Up Book
Reduction-cooled Hand Built Pots
Fiber Jewelry
A Sense Of Place: Working Thick & Creating Depth With Kiln-fired Glass
Hot Patinas, Cold Connections
Intermediate Woodturning: Teardrop Finial Jar
Aug 8, 2021
Natural Rim Vessels
Mixed Media Printmaking: Monotype, Embroidery & Collage
Papermaking With Plants
The Mother Of Invention
Luscious Pate De Verre - An Introduction
Mokume Gane: Wood Grain Pattern In Metal
Taking Shape With Copper 2
Aug 15, 2021
Botanical Illustration: Forage And Draw With Colored Pencil And Watercolor
Culture, Narrative & Clay
Screen Printing With Mordants & Natural Dyes
From Glass Beads To Fine Jewelry
Abstract Mosaics With Lustre Glass & Natural Stone
Nuts & Bolts: An Exploration Of Steel Sculpture
Weaving Into Woodturning
Aug 22, 2021
The Illuminated Letter
Illuminations: Porcelain Lighting
Lantern Building And Performance Workshop
That Inner Glow: Creating Lampwork Beads For Led Illumination
Colored Light: The Chromatic Delights Of Stained Glass
Luminaria: A Sculptural Approach To The Translucent Polymer Form
Design & Build A Custom Copper Lamp
Dazzling Ornaments
Aug 28, 2021
Monotype Printmaking
Porcelain Pourers
Soft Sculpture
Shape, Saw, Solder, Set - An Introduction To Bezel Setting
Mosaics: A Smashing Good Time
Line Drawings In Metal
New England Porch Weave: Weaving A Rocker
Sep 4, 2021
Marbles Inside And Out
Welded Sculpture With Found Objects
Permission To Paint
Diving Deep- Clay Studio Fundamentals
Stitched Mosaics
Beaded Bezels - Beading Around A Cabochon
Sep 7, 2021
Independent Residency: 2d & Mixed Media
Independent Residency: Ceramics
Independent Residency: Fiber & Baskets
Independent Residency: Flameworking
Independent Residency: Kiln Glass, Stained Glass & Mosaics
Independent Residency: Metalsmithing & Jewelry
Independent Residency: Welding
Independent Residency: Woodworking
Sep 16, 2021
Beginner’s Mind At The Pottery Wheel
Slow Stitching
Relaxing Glass
Building A Foundation In Metal
Abstract Expressions In Mosaic Art
Rustic Adirondack Signs & Frames
Flora & Fauna: Experimental Watercolor
Sep 23, 2021
Portrait Painting In Pastel
Sand-slab & Coat Hanger
Skins, Skeletons, Nets And Knots: 3d Textiles
Intermediate Flameworking: Design & Develop A Portfolio For Market
Stained Glass: You, Me & Tiffany
Non-traditional Settings For Non-traditional Stones
Beginner Welding
Designing In Wood
Sep 30, 2021
Traditional Yoruba Batik, Adire & Tie-dye
Introductory Flameworking: Glass Beads
The Sacred Art Of Writing & Painting On Glass
Touch The Texture - Creative Reticulation
Introduction To Sculptural Welding
Turn, Burn, Carve & Color
Delve Into Color With Monotype Printmaking
Wheel Throwing Basics: A Beginner's Journey
Oct 3, 2021
Palette Knife Painting En Plein Air
Making Ceramic Tiles
Squire Boots With Molly Grant
Glass Sculpting From Head To Toe
Discover The World Of Torch-fired Enamels
Whimsical Welding
Objects & Furniture In Cork
Oct 9, 2021
Make Functional Beauty With Used Clothing Alchemy
Fall Flameworking: Pumpkins, Beads & More
Metal Skin, Surface & Texture
Welded Sculpture: From Conception To Completion
Encaustic And Paper: Collage, Dip, Monoprint
Wood Block Printing On Wheel Thrown Pots
Oct 15, 2021
Explorative & Painterly Collage
Let's Pattern! Let's Color!
Lines As A Design Focus In A Sewn Composition
All About Imagery & Glass
Hollow Forms With Metal Clay
Oct 17, 2021
Painting With Fire: Native American Firing Techniques
Mixed Media Fiber Studio
Twined Baskets: New Uses For An Ancient Technique
Fundamentals Of Creating Metal Clay Jewelry
Architectural Mosaics
Art Furniture: Metal, Fine & Functional
Oct 23, 2021
Monotype On Silk
Glass Straws: Fun & Function
Kiln-fired Dichroic Glass Jewelry
Basic Bling
Spoon Carving Adventure
Creative Mark-making In Painting