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06/01/21  All information on this page is based on current conditions and subject to change. 

Will Snow Farm Summer be open in 2021?
YES!  We missed having teens on campus last summer and we're ready to reopen in 2021!   Our COVID-19 Containment Plan has evolved as public health guidelines changed throughout the spring; full details available here. 

I've been accepted to Snow Farm Summer and I'm packing to come, but I can't find the packing list you sent me.  Is it available online?  YES, you can see the packing list here

What is your cancellation policy?
Generally, there are no refunds for cancellations after May 15, 2021.  However, we have adjusted our cancellation policy to be more flexible for anyone who needs to cancel for documented medical reasons.  Check out full details on the Dates & Rates page. 

What happens if someone gets hurt or sick while at Snow Farm?
We always take student health and safety seriously and have a well-honed system in place. Our staff nurse reviews all medical forms before student arrive and will confer with families if there are any concerns. The nurse directs the daily medication schedule which is administered by the Assistant Director. We have an on-call doctor and access to tele-health appointments. The nearest hospital is about 15 minutes away. 

Anyone who experiences COVID-19 symptoms while at Snow Farm must immediately inform their instructor or a staff member. There is a designated room with a bathroom away from the main campus available to isolate someone until they can return home. We will provide meals and monitor anyone who is feeling sick. Upon notifying a parent or guardian, arrangements must be made for pick-up from Snow Farm within 12 hours. If Snow Farm is notified of a positive COVID-19 test result, we will inform the Williamsburg Board of Health (WBOH) and follow their direction regarding all follow-up needed. 

What “type” of kids come to Snow Farm? 
All the students who come to Snow Farm have one thing in common – they are passionate about art. In school, our students wish they could stay in art class all day long, and at Snow Farm, they do!  Six hours of instructional time and three to four hours of open studio a day is a dream come true. Watch the video by Ann Mandigo about how her son "found his tribe" at Snow Farm. Year after year, we see students form a safe, welcoming and accepting community where they quickly make important friendships.

Can I come to Snow Farm for both sessions?
Yes!  Being at Snow Farm for four weeks instead of two means you can take four different studios or double up on a favorite and really dive deep into building your skills. To limit exposure to COVID-19, we suggest that students who attend both sessions stay at Snow Farm for Intersession which includes meals and supervised activities. 

Why is there no glassblowing this year?
Glassblowing, with shared blow pipes and necessary teamwork, was not adaptable to COVID-19 prevention. We expect that glassblowing will return when we get past the pandemic. If glass is your passion, check out flameworking and flat glass

Do I need a portfolio to apply?
No. The most important quality for success at Snow Farm is the desire to be in art class ALL DAY LONG. The application will ask you for a short personal statement and a letter of recommendation from a teacher, counselor, coach or other non-family adult who knows you well. 

What is the deadline to apply?
April 1, 2021 is the priority deadline to assure first choice studios. We accept students on a rolling basis and place students in their first choice studios, unless that studio is full at the time of application. Therefore, it's really best to apply sooner rather than later. In 2021, the program is smaller than in previous years, which means studios will fill up faster.  Second studios are assigned based on where there is room available after first choices are accommodated. Students will be informed about second studios by May 1 so they can accept their spot in the program by May 15, 2021.   

Do you have scholarships available? Yes. Limited scholarships are available with a typical maximum award of $1000. Scholarship applications are due March 22, 2021.

Do you know of any other scholarships I could apply for that would help me attend Snow Farm Summer? 
We partner with Scholastic Art & Writing which runs a scholarship program for Gold and Silver Key winners in their art contests. Some schools have funds to support summer experiences for their students so check with your guidance counselor. There may also be scholarships available through art organizations in your town. Google is your friend.

Do you have a visiting day? 
Our COVID-19 Containment Plan allows only people participating in programs to be on campus. Therefore, visiting days have been eliminated. Keep in mind, students always appreciate care packages!

Can I get school credit for being in the program? 
If your school has a process by which you can apply for credit, we will be glad to provide them any documentation they request. Even if you don't get credit at your high school, please keep in mind that at Snow Farm Summer, you'll receive a minimum of six hours a day of studio instruction. You'll develop expertise in two areas of study.  Many students say the experience at Snow Farm feels like a semester of college, and students who come for three or four years, acquire skills that can place them out of college courses.

How can I get more information about Snow Farm and the summer program?

  • Come for a visit and tour. We'd be glad to show you around and answer all of your questions. Tours are by appointment, so give a call to schedule:  413-268-3101.
  • Take a weekend workshop. Give us a try!  All weekend workshops are open to students ages 13+. Teens who stay overnight must be accompanied by an adult; teens who do not stay in our housing are welcome to come on their own.  
  • Talk to a reference. We can connect you with a parent or teen who has been to Snow Farm in the past and can give you all the inside scoop. You can also hear parents and teens talking about their experience in these videos
  • We are small program and value personal connections. We have a year-round administrative staff who is happy to assist. Our business hours are 9am - 5pm EST. Reach out and talk to us!