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What "type" of people come to Snow Farm Summer? 
All the young people who come to Snow Farm Summer have one thing in common - they are passionate about art and craft. At school, they are the students who wish they could stay in art class ALL DAY LONG.  Snow Farm Suymmer is not for everyone, but if 10 hours a day of creating sounds like a dream come true, Snow Farm Summer is your place!  Many participants have told us that coming to Snow Farm Summer was the first time they found peers who shared their creative passion. Year after year, we see the young artists form a lasting community and make lifelong friendships. 

Do I need a portfolio to apply?
No. The most important quality for success at Snow Farm is the desire to be in art class ALL DAY LONG. The application will ask you an essay about why Snow Farm interests you and first time students submit a letter of recommendation from an art teacher.

How and when can I apply?
Applications will be available in mid-October, and the best time to apply is between October and the end February. Our program is small, just 40 students a session, and we typically fill up.  Also, some popular studios fill up before others, so the best chance of getting your top ranked studios is to apply early. 

Do you have scholarships available? Yes. Limited scholarships are available with a typical award of $1000 - $1500. 

Do you know of any other scholarships I could apply for that would help me attend Snow Farm Summer? 
We partner with Scholastic Art & Writing which runs a scholarship program for Gold and Silver Key winners in their art contests. Some schools have funds to support summer experiences for their students so check with your guidance counselor. There may also be scholarships available through art organizations in your town. Google is your friend!

Can I get school credit for being in the program? 
If your school has a process by which you can apply for credit, we will be glad to provide them any documentation they request. Even if you don't get credit at your high school, please keep in mind that at Snow Farm Summer, you'll receive a minimum of six hours a day of studio instruction. You'll develop expertise in two areas of study.  Many students say the experience at Snow Farm feels like a semester of college, and students who come for three or four years, acquire skills that can place them out of college courses.

What happens if someone gets hurt or sick while at Snow Farm?
We always take student health and safety seriously and have a well-honed system in place. Our medical team reviews all health forms before students arrive and will confer with families if there are any concerns. The daily medication schedule is administered by the Assistant Director under supervision of the medical team. We have an on-call doctor and access to tele-health appointments. The nearest hospital is about 15 minutes away.

How can I get more information about Snow Farm and the summer program?

  • Come for a visit and tour. We'd be glad to show you around and answer all of your questions. Tours are by appointment, so give a call to schedule:  413-268-3101.
  • Take a weekend workshop. Give us a try!  All weekend workshops are open to students ages 13+. Teens who stay overnight must be accompanied by an adult; teens who do not stay in our housing are welcome to come on their own.  
  • Talk to a reference. We can connect you with a parent or teen who has been to Snow Farm in the past and can give you all the inside scoop. You can also hear parents and teens talking about their experience in these videos
  • We are small program and value personal connections. We have a year-round administrative staff who is happy to assist. Our business hours are 9am - 5pm EST. Give us a call or send a note: