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Metal Sculpture & Fabrication

Sparks fly in the Metal Sculpture studio!  The hum of power tools is steady background music on the Snow Farm campus in July (second session only). Even on the hottest days, there is no match for the fire of young artists creating whimsical, beautifu, or functional objects out of metal.  

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Students learn to safetly operate all the machinery in the shop.  Lessons will include how to shape and sculpt steel by cutting, drilling, grinding, forging, and welding. Instructors create a comfortable balance between assigned and self-designed projects. Collaborative projects between members of the small class often arise. Students leave with well-crafted, conceptually sound, and durable sculptures - as big as their imagination or as small as the barn cats who live in the loft. Metal Sculpture & Fabrication is offered second session only.

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The welding barn is also known as Bill's Barn in honor of Bill Rhodes, a longtime Snow Farm instructor whose generosity has played a big part in the building and upkeep of the space. There are nine welding stations inside the high-ceilinged barn that fills with natural light, and a covered outdoor space for grinding, forging, painting, and other finish work. The studio includes MIG welders, arc/stick welders, a plasma cutter, bench grinders, a forge, and oxy-acetylene torches. Sheet metal, scrap metal, and found objects are provided.

steel sculpture, learn welding teenager, high school art camp, summer art