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If you've ever seen a glassblower in action, you know the magic:  the glowing honey-like gathers of hot glass and the choreography of movement in the studio. It's mesmerizing and intriquing, almost always eliciting the same response - I want to do that. Snow Farm Summer is one of the only places where high school students can do that, and have an intensive learning experience in a hotshop. Paired with the flamework studio, there is an opportunity for a comprehensive course in glass.

Our program emphasizes a strong foundation in traditional technique and form with an opportunity to also explore contemporary trends in glassblowing. Students produce a variety of forms including vessels, stemware, and objects of their own design in order to explore the expressive potential of the material. Glassblowing requires working in pairs and teams which teaches collaboration and makes it easy to form friendships in the group.

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The glassblowing studio is open on two sides allowing air to flow freely. Students have plenty of room to work safelty and observe each other in action. The glassblowing equipment includes: a  200-pound furnace, three annealing ovens, three glory holes, and a color-pick up kiln. Color bar and a variety of frit is available for student use.