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Kiln Glass

Students in the Kiln Glass Studio learn a variety of techniques for working with flat sheets of glass to make decorative panels and scultpure or functional pieces such as bowls, trays, frames, and more. Glass can be fused in a kiln, soldered together in stained glass, cut and assembled for mosaics; it can be worked thin and transparent, thick and painterly, be whimsical, realistic, or abstract. Imagery can be applied to glass by paintng, etching, or using decals. After becoming familiar with the many techniques, they can be combined into complex and imaginative artwork. Kiln Glass is offered first session only. 

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During the first week, a variety of klin glass techniques will be introduced, such as how to cut glass safely; how to fuse glass in different ways (slump, tack, and full); how to apply surface decoration with paint, frit, or decals; how to solder; or methods for assembling mosaics. During the second week, students will concentrate in an area of interest and develop a individual project. Instruction will include design, use of color, and personal expression.


The kiln glass studio was renovated in 2018. The space is large, airy, and light with a view over the meadow towards the welding barn. Custom-made tables on locking caster wheels allow for flexible configurations. To see pictures and a full listing of equipment, see the main studio page