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Ceramics: Refine your throwing techniques or try ceramics for the first time. Experience the excitement of outdoor raku firing.

Drawing & Painting: Drawing and painting at Snow Farm helps you strengthen your foundational skills and build a portfolio.

Flameworking: Learn to melt glass! Work with colorful glass rods and clear glass tubes to create objects such as marbles, beads and small sculpture.

Flat Glass: In mosaics or stained glass, learn to cut flat pieces of colorful glass and use the pieces to build a realistic image or an abstract idea.

Glassblowing: Learn the ancient art of working with hot glass. Glassblowing is a team sport; be prepared to work with others and make friends.

Metalsmithing & Jewelry: Use a variety of metals to create rings, pendants and small objects. Techniques may include wire working, cutting and bending metal, texturing, and more.