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Mission –  Snow Farm’s mission is to provide exceptional studio craft and fine art instruction for people of all ages in an inspiring residential setting.  We offer an evolving, expansive community where every experience is intended to awaken and nourish the life-changing power of creativity.

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Snow Farm is a nonprofit organization, a craft education center, and a community. Each grouping of workshops has its own pace, laughter, creativity, and connections.   Artist/Instructors are key to this mix; they share their lives and their work, inspiring their students with ideas and energy that will fuel them for months to come. Magical, restorative, inspirational, rejuvenating -  these are the words we hear used to describe a Snow Farm experience.

tiffany hilton, clay workshop, ceramics

The staff and board of Snow Farm are so proud of what we offer. Think about what Snow Farm means to you and give a gift today that will make you proud, too, knowing that you help Snow Farm be the magical, creative place that it is. Be a part of the community that values Snow Farm and shows it with financial support. 

Together, we can continue to sustain and improve the Snow Farm we love.