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Special Programs

handmade book, bookmaking, handmade paper
Jun 25 - Jun 28

Snow Farm is like art camp for grown-ups. We invite all educators (public, private, community art centers, higher ed) to launch their summer with a creative retreat in the company of other educators. Especially at the close of a most unusual school year, take the time.  Snow Farm is a MA approved PDP provider. 

Melissa Weiss, Reduction Cooled Hand-Built Pots, Ceramics
Aug 5 - Aug 13

NOTE:  Designated scholarships (made possible by Melissa Weiss, Snow Farm, and the Asparagus Valley Pottery Guild) are available for BIPOC students to attend this workshop. Contact for more information. 

There is never enough time in ceramics classes to make, dry, fire and learn all the things!  This nine-day workshop changes that frustration and will fill you with ideas - and the time to let them sink in, percolate, and grow.

Christopher Jeffries, Design &  Build a Custom Copper Lamp, Welding
Aug 22 - Aug 27

All the workshops during this late summer week at Snow Farm celebrate light - as both a precious metaphor and a medium itself. Join with eight artists working in clay, metal, glass, paper and more to bring bright ideas into your creative work and more light into the world.

new england craft program, new england barns,  snow farm
Sep 7 - Sep 12

For experienced makers who are looking for an immersive opportunity to pursue creative work in a peaceful and supported environment. 

Explore the ways in which creativity and wellbeing are intertwined and how attention to the mind, body and soul enhances the life of an artist.  This new program - perfect for 2021 - combines a half day of craft workshop and ample open studio time with a selection of additional classes and activites in yoga, meditation, writing, and nature. One fee covers it all!