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Multi-Media Sculpture

Starting with basic sculpture technique and mold-making, students will learn skills that are both ancient and contemporary.  From human figures to mythical creatures and abstract forms, student projects have no limit. 

The class starts with exploratory studies of transforming clay into plaster molds, a technique that dates back to the Old Masters in the Renaissance. Then, the practice shifts to modern materials such as resin, rubber, silicone, alginate, foam and more. Once molds are created, students can make multiple versions of their concepts, much like an engineer prototypes a design, using problem solving skills to determine the medium that best fits their idea. Skills learned in the sculpture studio can be applied to fields as diverse as jewelry, engineering, and toy making.

The multi-media sculpture class is located in the fiber studio, a spacious and sunny space where students can spread out in three work areas. For a full description, see the main fiber studio page