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Limited Edition Mug


These coffee mugs are handmade exclusively for Snow Farm by CT potter Hayne Bayless. Each piece is unique, made with extruded stoneware and fired in wood/salt/soda cone 11, courtesy of the kiln at Dogbar Pottery (Sam Taylor) in Westhampton, MA. The colors range from sunset orange to sandy beach tans and browns. Each mug is stamped with the Snow Farm logo in various placements and is signed by the artist.
Hayne says, "I was delighted to say yes when invited to make the first edition of one-of-a-kind mugs for Snow Farm. I cherish my long-standing relationship with Snow Farm, having taught there probably ten times over the last 20 years; I’m always invigorated by my time there. The intimate scale of Snow Farm – by the second day on campus every face you see is a familiar one – is to be celebrated."
There are 50 mugs available, and when they're gone, they're gone! The mugs pictured are representative but will not be the exact mug you receive.
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To pick up a mug from the office, place your order by phone: 413-268-3101.