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Limited Edition Archive

2018:  This elegant and versatile necklace by Paulette Werger combines sterling silver and torch-fired enamel in Snow Farm's signature color. For inspiration, Paulette turned to the red barn studios and a vine that grows outside the Jewelry Studio door. The barns are part of Snow Farm's history, while the leaf and vine suggest growth, movement and creativity, the pillars of Snow Farm's future. The necklace is reversible and for two different looks. Handmade links on the chain allow for adjustable lengths. Paulette's website.
2017: Sculptor Michael Martindell created these sturdy and beautiful candle holders for the 2017 Limited Edition. Often, Michael finds inspiration from Saturday morning cartoons, old Batman comics, and anything strange, unusual, grotesque, and creepy. Oddly, another body of his work is realistic flowers. Michael taught the welding course in our high school program which takes place in July, when the day lilies are at their peak.And so, for the candle holders, he adapted the curving leaf of the lily. He hand-cut each piece and assembled each candlestick, including hammering the back of the leaves for texture and brushing the steel with brass for an extraordinary colored surface. Michael's website.

2016 Limited Edition Tray by Tiffany Hilton2016:  This exquisite handbuilt stoneware tray by Tiffany Hilton was the inaugural piece in our Limited Edition Series. Tiffany was inspired by the cattails growing along the edge of the pond.  In her artist statement, she wrote: Of the landscape, the pond, especially, draws me in every time I visit Snow Farm. I have observed the reeds and grasses in different seasons, their quiet movement and beautiful lines reflecting in the water, sharing their presences not once, but twice.  Tiffany's website.